Nineteen year-old psychic Oliver White is unemployed and on the verge of eviction just one month after moving out of his mother’s house.  To prolong his independence, he employs his skills where they reap instant, profitable rewards – at the poker table. What begins as a desperation move for cash evolves into a journey to the world’s largest poker tournament. What he doesn’t know is that this path was chosen for him long ago; a path that leads to a divine intervention.

Beginning in Chino, California and culminating in Las Vegas, Jacks Fall and Kings Conquer is the story of Oliver White, a college-aged man from humble beginnings who uses his psychic prowess to play poker at a level most only dream of. With the ability to see his opponent’s hands telepathically, he sets off for the Main Event of the World Series of Poker with his financial backer, Chuck, in hopes of taking down the multi-million dollar prize, and dreaming of setting himself, and his recently laid-off single mother, up for life.

The discovery of another, more experienced psychic player, along with disturbing dreams that press Ollie to second-guess Chuck’s motives, threaten to derail his shot at life-changing cash and force a confrontation with himself in order to redress a tragic past.

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