“Opportunities are like images in the clouds; they’re only present if you’re looking for them,” I thought as I sat on the edge of a bluff looking across the Pacific Ocean.
A never ending ridge of clouds slowly absorbed the sun as it set on the horizon.  It was true, the events of the past 15 months – a little over a standard year on the Julian calendar, but a light-year away from the purposeless teenager I was at the beginning of this journey – proved that to me in more ways than one.
I have experienced both a transformation in attitude and spirituality – from an immature and unguided young adult to an enlightened and humble man.  From arrogance to tempered confidence, I have grown.  I have lost much and gained more within mere mortal seconds.  I have discovered there is truly no better friend of freedom than independence.  My soul is so charged with this precept not even the salt-filled winds at the top of this cliff can mask its scent within me.  Balance through inner peace has been achieved – I am protected and impervious to inner demons that have haunted mine.

The money flowed down like a steady river,
Whose currency increasingly became stronger,
Until the levees could hold no longer. 
Awash in tender I was nearly carried out to sea,
My soul lost forever,
But I was cast a timely lifesaver to pull me back unreservedly. 
The taut rope was unbreakable and its anchor fortified;
Two forces magnetically attracted,
Destined to collide.     

My name is Oliver White.  People who know me call me Ollie.  People who really know me call me gifted.  I’m a poker player.  You see, I’m very good with numbers.  Have you ever heard the concept that great mathematicians can visualize complex theories in their mind’s eye?  That is, they actually see answers, or numbers, in their mind.  I guess you could say I have something in common with them.  In reality, my mind is infinitely more receptive than theirs.  When I’m playing poker I see cards in my head and not just any cards.  I see your cards.
            This is the story of how I discovered my current calling in life.  I say current, because I believe we all have the potential for serving multiple purposes throughout our lives.  More importantly, this is my tale of a divine intervention.
Since life is an infinite journey that rarely makes sense in the present, I’ll start from the beginning.  Of course, the majority of names, identifiable characteristics, places, and dates have been altered to protect identities – namely my own.  

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